Embark on an adventure with the Sciencetellers who will sweep you away to a world where dragons are real, dreams come true, and only the most daring of people will survive to tell the tale of "Dragons and Dreams"!  Learn about the science of fire and ice through experiments using flash paper, exploding bottles, and "cool" dry ice during this daring journey to save the kingdom!  All ages

Tues., July 1      10:30am Martin
Mon., July 28     11am   Mason-Dixon
                              2pm    Arthur Hufnagel
                              7pm    Paul Smith
Tues., July 29    11am   Dillsburg
                              2pm     Dover
                              7pm     Red Land

Wed., July 30    11am   Kreutz Creek
                              2pm    Collinsville
                              7pm    Kaltreider-Benfer

Thurs., July 31  11am  Village
                             2pm   Glatfelter
                             7pm   Guthrie


A Very Windy Story Time
Hmmm…could Bear's sneezes be why apples are falling from the tree?  Could his sneeze have made the geese fly away?  Find out when Miss Lisa reads the fictional tale "Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze!" by Maureen Wright.  And then learn about what wind really is through Vicki Cobb's book "I Face the Wind".   Fun demonstrations help kids understand and remember what they've learned.  Ages 6-12

Mon., June 16    10:30am Mason-Dixon
                         1pm Guthrie
Mon., June 23    10:30am Collinsville
Tues., June 24   2pm Red Land
Wed., June 25   10:30am Kreutz Creek
Wed., June 25   6:00pm Dillsburg  
Tues., July 8      1pm Martin
Thurs., July 10   11am Dover
Wed., July 23     10:30am Glatfelter
                         1:30pm  Arthur Hufnagel
Wed., Aug. 6      10:30am Village
Thurs., Aug.7     6pm Kaltreider-Benfer

An Egg-citing Preschool Story Time

What do frogs and butterflies have in common? Listen and enjoy the stories "First the Egg" by Laura Vaccaro Seeger and "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle. Learn about how a variety of animals and insects change, and then make your own caterpillar! Ages 3-5


Wed., June 4      10:30am Village
Wed., June 11    10:30am Mason-Dixon
Thurs., June 12  11am Arthur Hufnagel
Fri., June 13       10:30am Red Land
Tues., June 17    11am Dover
Wed., June 18     7pm Paul Smith
Fri., June 27       10:30am Kreutz Creek
Wed., July 2        10:30am Collinsville
Tues., July 8        10am Martin
Tues., July 15      10:30am Glatfelter
Tues., July 22      10:30am Dillsburg
Tues., July 29      10:15am 
                            11:15am Kaltreider-Benfer
Fri., Aug. 1          10:30am Guthrie


Morning Minecraft

Tweens and teens explore new worlds at Morning Minecraft.  Exciting challenges test the experts and inspire the beginners.  Use one of our computers or if you normally play Minecraft on your tablet, bring it with you. Registration Required  Ages 8-14  

Tues., June 17, July 8 & 15 10am Arthur Hufnagel
Mon., June 16        10am Glatfelter
Thurs., June 19     10:30am Mason-Dixon
Mon., June 23 & July 14 10am Dover
Tues., June 24       10 am Red Land
Mon., June 30         9am Dillsburg
Tues., July 1            10:30am Guthrie
Tues., July 22          10am Collinsville
Tues., July 29          9:30am Kreutz Creek




Hiss, Zoom…LEAD!

Warning: This program could lead to a fascination with science and entomology!  From walking sticks to giant beetles, you never know what you'll see when Ryan Bridge "The Bug Man" visits our libraries!   He's bringing some of his favorite insects and arthropods for kids to see up close. All ages.

Tues., June 17 10:30 am  Dillsburg
Wed., June 18 1:30 pm  Arthur Hufnagel
                            6:30 pm Guthrie
Wed., June 25 10:30 am  Village
                            1:30 pm Collinsville
Mon., July 7     10:30 am  Mason-Dixon
                           2 pm Red Land
Tues., July 8   10:30 am Spring Grove
Tues., July 15 11 am Dover
Wed., July 16 10:30 am Kreutz Creek
                           2 pm  Kaltreider-Benfer
Mon., July 21  10:30 am Paul Smith
Tues., July 22  10 am  Martin


Right on the Money Mini-camp

Like money? Then this four session mini-camp is for you.   Miss Carla and Miss Arlene use storybooks and activities to help kids, ages 5–7, get money smart!  Learn how to earn, spend, borrow, and save; it all makes great cents!  Be sure to bring your parents along for the last session!  Limit 20 people per class. Registration required.  Ages 5-7
Mon.-Thu., June 9-12   10:30am Guthrie
Mon. & Wed. June 9 & 11, and Mon. & Wed. June 16 & 18   1pm Glatfelter
Mon. & Wed. June 16 & 18, 23 & 25   9am Paul Smith
Mon. –Thurs., June 23-26   1pm Martin
Thurs., June 19 & 26, July 3 & 10   10:30am Kreutz Creek
Thurs., July 10, 17, 24, & 31   1pm Kaltreider-Benfer
Mon. – Thurs. July 14-17
    10am Collinsville
Mon. & Tues. July 14 & 15, 21 & 22   1pm Arthur Hufnagel
Mon. & Wed. July 21 & 23, 28 & 30   10am Dover
Mon. – Thurs., Aug. 4–7  10:30am  Dillsburg
Mon. – Thurs., Aug. 4–7
  2pm Red Land

What's Japanese in Japanese Manga?

Love Japanese stuff? Learn more about the culture behind manga. Teens will have the opportunity to try out a kimono photo booth, test out chopsticks skills, and more! Limit 20 people per class.  Registration required.  Ages 13-18

Tues., June 24       6:30pm Dover
Thurs., June 26    1pm Glatfelter
                                  6:30pm Village
Tues., July 15         6pm Collinsville
Mon., July 21         10:30am Guthrie
Thurs., July 24       2pm Red Land


Llama Llama 

Meet storybook favorite Llama Llama at a library near you!  Be sure to bring your camera!  Check your local library for ages.

Fri., July 11        10:30am  Guthrie
Sat., July 12       Spark in the Park, Codorus State Park
Mon., July 14     10am Martin
                              6pm Dover
                              7pm Glatfelter
Tues., July 15    10:30am Dillsburg
                              6:30pm Kreutz Creek
Wed., July 16    10:30am Village
                             2pm Mason-Dixon
                             7pm Paul Smith
Thurs., July 17 11am Arthur Hufnagel
                             1:30pm Collinsville
                             6:30pm Kaltreider
Fri., July 18       10:30am Red Land



Science in Your Backyard

How do seeds get from place to place?  What does a seed need to grow?  Where do monarch butterflies go in the winter and how did scientists find out?  Join York County Parks' naturalists as they reveal the answers through the lens of scientific discovery!  Try your hand at some simple experiments and get ideas for some to do at home.   All ages
.Mon., June 16   10:30am Paul Smith 
                              7pm Glatfelter
Wed., June 25   10:30am Mason-Dixon
Wed., July 9       2pm Kaltreider-Benfer
Wed., July 16    1:30pm Arthur Hufnagel
Tues., July 22   11am Dover
                             6pm Martin Library
Wed., July 23    6pm Dillsburg
Thurs., July 24  1pm Kreutz Creek
Mon., July 28      2pm Red Land
Wed., July 30    10:30am Village
Thurs., July 31  1:30pm Collinsville
Thurs., Aug. 7    1pm Guthrie

Bee-ginning programming

Join Miss Laura to learn how to program our very own robot bumble bees! Basic principles of programming and coding will be discussed as kids help our bumblebees travel through a maze of honeycomb. Limit of 20 students per class. Registration required.  Grades K-3

Mon., July 14                2pm Red Land
Wed., July 16               6pm Dillsburg
Thurs., July 17 & 24   11am Dover
Tues., July 29               1:30pm Collinsville
Wed., July 30               10:30am Mason-Dixon
                                        1pm Glatfelter
                                         7 pm Paul Smith
Thurs., July 31            10:15am Arthur Hufnagel
Tues., Aug. 5                10:30 am Guthrie
Wed., Aug. 6                10:30 am Kreutz Creek
                                        2pm Kaltreider-Benfer


LEAP into Science:  Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles

Bubbles make you smile & are fun to watch! Join Katie Sechrist this summer for some wild, wonderful and wacky science activities that will have you smiling, giggling, and laughing.  Grades K-4, Registration required

Tues., June 10     10:30am Glatfelter
Mon., June 16      10:30am Collinsville
Thurs., June 26   1pm Guthrie
Sat., June 28        10am Martin
Mon., June 30       10:30am Mason-Dixon
Wed., July 2          10:30pm Kreutz Creek
Mon., July 7           10:30am Paul Smith
Wed., July 9          10:30 am Village
Thurs., July 10      2pm Red Land
Thurs., July 17      2pm Dover
Wed., July 9          1:30pm Arthur Hufnagel
                                 6pm Dillsburg


Molecular Gastronomy and Candy Sushi

Try out some weird food science and make sushi with candy! We will discuss chemical reactions and traditional sushi-making techniques. Please note these sweet treats include no fish (except Swedish Fish!). Limit 20 people per class. Registration required.  Ages 13-18

Thurs., June 12    1pm Glatfelter
Tues., July 8          6:30pm Dover
Thurs., July 10     1:30pm Paul Smith
Thurs., July 17     2pm Red Land
                                6:30pm Village
Tues., July 22       2pm Mason-Dixon
Thurs., July 31    10:30am Guthrie
                               4pm Kreutz Creek