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Did you know your York County Libraries membership gives you free access to premium websites?  We purchase subscriptions to the very best content available and all you need is your library card.  With it, you can stream or download your favorite books, music, videos, and audiobooks.

Streaming and downloading services are free with your library membership.  Everything you stream or download is automatically returned!  There are never any late fees.

Please Note: If you stream or download over your mobile data network, data charges may apply. (per carrier)




 Download It For Later

Titles can be enjoyed, offline, on your device after being downloaded from the Internet. 



OverDrive offers you thousands downloadable books and audiobooks from the bestselling and authors and series you love.  Titles are available to place on hold or download immediately to your smartphone, tablet, Kindle, computer, or other device. 


Download the OverDrive app or visit



New titles are added weekly.  These new arrivals are featured on library's OverDrive homepage .

You are welcome to borrow up to 5 items at a time.  There is no monthly limit to the number of items you borrow.

·         Books lend for 14 days

·         Audiobooks lend for 14 days

·         Up to 5 items can be on hold at a time



 Stream It Now

An Internet connection and web browser is needed to stream and enjoy titles on your computer or device.



Stream comics to your PC, tablet or phone! With over 10,000 titles including Naruto, Bleach, Archie, and many more there is something for every comic book fan. Comics are always available – no holds or lines!


Once you create an account with your York County Library card number and your personal email address you can sign-in to the website and begin borrowing. Please note that the mobile app for Comics Plus does not support library accounts at this time.


You are welcome to borrow up to 5 items each month

Each item lends for 7 days.



If you install the Digital Hoopla app, you are able to either live stream or temporarily download Hoopla titles to your mobile device to use offline. 


Hoopla gives you access to thousands of popular music albums, audiobooks, movies and television shows from major record companies, publishers, and Hollywood studios.  Titles are instantly available for streaming or temporary downloading to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

No waiting.  Everything is available now. 


Download the Hoopla digital app or visit 



New titles are added weekly and announced on the York County Libraries Facebook page & Twitter feed.

You are welcome to borrow up to 5 items each month.

  • Music lends for 7 days
  • Video lends for 3 days
  • Audiobooks lend for 21 days
  • eBooks lend for 21 days
  • eComics lend for 21 days

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OverDrive-  ebooks & audiobooks

Hoopla -  music, movies & audiobooks

Comics+ - manga, graphic novels, comics


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We know that getting started streaming and downloading can be confusing.  The help box below will have you enjoying our services quickly.  If you need additional assistance with your device or how-to do something, do not hesitate to ask a staff member at your library. You can also come by to chat with our Tech Guru who visits every library each month. 

Are you new to Digital Hoopla?
Hoopla Frequently Asked Questions
Download a helpful Hoopla PDF


Are you new to OverDrive?
OverDrive Frequently Asked Questions.


Are you new to Comics+?
Comics+ Welcome Message.