Go On Green

Go on Green – Time for Spring! – Art in mARTin on May 1st        

By Elyse Pollick

Let me tell you, when the walls of Martin Library are bare and white as we get ready for the next gallery exhibit, people have been asking us, “when’s the next art show?” That’s just music to our ears. – We’re so thankful of the wonderful reception that Art in mARTin gallery has had from supportive patrons and friends.

On May 1st , we’re proud to host the 4th Art in mARTin: Go On Green event from 5:45-8:00 pm in conjunction with Downtown Inc.’s First Friday. We’ll have over a dozen local artists on display, the musical renderings of Sympathy & the Lion, extended open hours for The Small Bookshop, and wine tastings by Allegro Winery. New event additions include a drop-in craft (available 5:45-6:45) perfect for creating Mother’s Day gifts and the Get Proper Vintage pop-up shop. As always, art will be available for sale with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Martin Library.

The event is generously sponsored by Downtown York’s own Dale E. Anstine law firm. Because the library isn’t normally open on Fridays, we also rely on our staff and volunteers donating their time to make this event possible. We sincerely hope you’ll join us again May 1st for what’s sure to be another amazing art event. Come celebrate First Friday with us! 

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Meet Author Pam Bender

Meet Author Pam Bender

Author Pam Bender will explain how to create a life you love when she speaks at 6:30 pm Tuesday, April 14 in the Hormel Reading Room at Guthrie Memorial Library.  Pam is a local author who has penned six novels including the Dennison Family Saga and the Living Passionately women’s series.  Books will be available for purchase and autograph.

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Author Interview: Terry Border

Author Interview: Terry Border

By Ruth Collins

Terry Border started what he likes to call his Bent Objects Project in 2006. Mr. Border’s work usually involves adding wire to everyday objects, enabling them to becoming living characters with a story to tell.  He has published three books Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things, Bent Object of My Affection: The Twists and Turns of Love, and Peanut Butter & Cupcake.  A fourth book is scheduled to be released in July 2015.  I recently had the privilege of asking Mr. Border some questions about his work.    

Did you ever think you would become an author?

Not really, although it was always in the back of my mind. I've now finished my second children's book with 2 more on the horizon. My books are so visually oriented that I have a hard time calling myself an author, but I guess I am. 

How does your creative process go?

I start with an object and what the object makes me think of. Then it's all about how to show what I'm thinking to the viewer.

Who is your hero/inspiration?

Alexander Calder. His early wire and object works are my favorite. There are YouTube videos of him performing his circus that are particularly interesting.

What is your greatest achievement? 

I hope it's still to come. 

What is/was your favorite Bent Object project? 

It's difficult to pick a favorite. If I had to I suppose it would be Belated, an image of an egg coming home on Mother's Day. It's one people don't know whether to laugh or cry about.

If you were an animal in a zoo what would you be?

One of those gibbons with the long arms swinging like crazy in the trees. 

What’s your favorite fruit?

I eat at least one banana a day.

Do you ride roller coasters?

I do, but as I've gotten older I don't have patience for waiting in long lines.

Who’s your favorite villain of all time?

I'm not sure if he's my favorite, but the scariest for me is the child snatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie. He gave me a few nightmares as a kid. *shivers

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An inventor and I guess I kind of am. :)

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully I'm doing what I'm doing but 10 years older. I'd like to make things until I don't wake up in the morning.

What are you currently working on?

I'm working on the story for my 3rd children's book. It's about the first day of school for lots of food-kids. 

I remember that I was excited and nervous, and I'm trying to show that sort of feeling.

What additional books would you recommend?

For picture books- any book by Slinkachu. He was making tiny people into art before most others.

I grew up loving Calvin & Hobbes and The Farside.

I'm a big fan of Douglas Adams’ work.

Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain is beyond awesome.

Most things by David Sedaris are good, especially his early short stories. 

As far as "more serious" works go, I actually love Moby Dick. Its humor surprised me.

What are you currently reading? 

Life Itself by Roger Ebert; I highly, highly recommend it.

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I Resolve...

I Resolve...

According to daysoftheyear.com we have quite a few “holidays” in January. 

The twelfth for instance is National Marzipan Day.  What exactly is marzipan?  Well, it’s like an edible clay for bakers made primarily from almonds.  Sometimes it’s used as a cake ingredient or an icing.  Some bakers are quite creative and cutesy with it.

The official Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day is January 17th.  Is that gym membership really worth it for 17 days?  This year my New Year’s resolution is simple - to finish a ChapStick.  Hopefully I can keep that sucker out of the laundry long enough to last till the seventeenth.  What does a ChapStick tube even look like empty?  Is there a prize at the bottom? 

January 30th will be Inane Answering Message Day.  Something like this maybe.  One of my first cell phone voicemails was me going “Hello...yeah...I’m not here right now.  Leave me a message.”  My friend had an identical one and I still fell for it…every time. 

Coming up in February we have Lame Duck Day, Gumdrop Day, and Curling is Cool Day.  Now if you’ll excuse me I have got to go get a gorilla suit for January 31st. 

What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Have you ever successfully kept a resolution for the whole year? 

-Ruth Collins

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Game On!

Game On!

When you think about your local public library you probably think of shelves from the floor to the ceiling full of books. When I think about my public library I think of an amazing place that is always changing and growing with the times. I think about grabbing that new James Patterson book while browsing new DVD releases. More importantly I think about all the newly released video games that Martin Library has just purchased.

Since the fall of renting stores like Blockbuster, the average gamer has been left with no options to “try before I buy” new video games. We purchase all types of games from Minecraft to NBA 2K 14. Martin Library has even launched weekly gaming clubs for kids.

Did you know that you can rent a game for a week for only $2 dollars? So the next time you’re downtown, don’t forget to stop into Martin Library to have a look at our growing collection that now includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

Mike Velasco

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